International Congress:
International Congress

Eat, Fast and live longer!
Essen, Fasten, länger leben!

June 29. - 30. 2013
Medical Association for Fasting and Nutrition (ÄGHE e.V.),
Maria Buchinger Foundation, Clinic Buchinger Wilhelmi

Programm 2015

Fastenkongress 2015

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This international congress was organised by the Medical Association Fasting and Nutrition (ÄGHE e.V.) in cooperation with the Clinics Buchinger Wilhelmi in Überlingen and Marbella and the Maria Buchinger Foundation.

Renowned international guests from Germany, France, Switzerland and Russia lectured on their research and clinical experience in the field of fasting and caloric restriction. Prof. Valter Longo from the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, received the Maria Buchinger Foundation Award for his work about “Fasting and Longevity” and “Fasting and Cancer”. All Dimensions of fasting were covered: Therapeutical fasting, spiritual fasting in Christianity and fasting for the healthy.

The Talks

Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo, Überlingen

The Ecosystem Fasting and the flagships Buchinger 60/40 years

José Manuel García Verdugo, Marbella

The Ecosystem Fasting and the flagships Buchinger 60/40 years

Andreas Michalsen, Berlin

Clinical research on fasting and scientific evidence

Gustav Dobos, Essen

Fasting as Part of mind-body-medicine

Valter Longo, Los Angeles

Fasting, longevity and cancer

Michael Boschmann, Berlin

Impact of feeding regimens and circadian rhythms on aging and longevity

Gudrun Museehl, Illmensee

Fasting in a group, Health Education, Training of fasting guides

Yvon Le Maho, Straßburg

Different forms of caloric restriction and seasonal fasting in the animal world

Stanislav Muraviev, Tyumen, Russland

Fasting therapy effectiveness by hypertension in obese patients

Niklaus Brantschen, SJ, Bad Schönbrunn

Fasting, a treasure buried in the garden of the Church. The spiritual dimension of fasting

Sylvie Gilman, Paris

About the ARTE Film:  “Fasting and Healing: Traditional Clinical Experience and Latest Scientific Evidence. Fasting in the Media”

Claus Leitzmann, Giessen

The “Vollwerternährung - a contemporary and sustainable way of understanding human nutrition in its 4 dimensions

Michaela Döll, Wachenheim

Inflammation – Fasting and Effective Anti-Inflammatory Food Components

Markus Bock, Berlin

Sugarfasting - Ketogenic diet as a strategy for the therapy of neurologic diseases

Eva Lischka, Überlingen

Case reports of the fasting therapy

Award Ceremony

Maria Buchinger Foundation Award 2013

Prof. Valter Longo receives the Maria Buchinger Foundation Award 2013. Prof. Yvon Le Maho holds an eulogy.

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The Organizers

Ärztegesellschaft Heilfasten & Ernährung e.V.

The Medical Association of Fasting and Nutrition, founded in 1986, promotes research on therapeutic fasting and integrative nutrition and supports their clinical application.

Buchinger Wilhelmi

Buchinger Wilhelmi are leading clinics for therapeutical fasting and integrative medicine. In 2013 they celebrate their 100th anniversary. Buchinger Wilhelmi Überlingen exists since 60 and Marbella since 40 years.

The Maria Buchinger Foundation

The Maria Buchinger Foundation has been created to honour Maria Buchinger, founder of Marbella's clinica Buchinger Wilhelmi.
The goal of the foundation is to promote research on fasting in partnership with universities and progressive institutions; fasting as a therapy, as a preventive and as a spiritual procedure.

The Sponsors